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Reisnummer 9899
Startdatum Woe 02 Okt 09:00
Einddatum Zon 06 Okt 17:00
Prijs € 595,00


Ocean Theory
Five days in the classroom and if possible taking ‘real sights’. The shorebased syllabus, and the written exam, is fully covered during the five days in the training room.

Includes an exam for RYA Yachtmaster Ocean certificate.

We will send you the joining Instructions after you have booked and paid for your course.

The Yachtmaster Ocean certificate of competence is the jewel in the crown of the RYA: to be a Master of Yachts unlimited by mileage. We added an extra day to our Yachtmaster Ocean course so you can put your newly gained theoretical skills into practice: taking real sights at sea and making real compass checks as the yacht sails through the day. Play with the stars and moon, should the weather permit, and plot your global position, onboard, in real conditions.

We aim to make our Ocean exam candidates the finest and we believe this course will secure that goal. Using the nautical pages for the current year and the present day you will calculate the time of the meridian for your day at sea; you will take morning sights, noon sights, afternoon sights, moon sights, star sights (the latter two weather permitting). The sextant will feel natural in your hand, the compass checks be clear and uncomplicated; the sight reduction tables not feared but your friend. Our ocean training will make the subject come to life and you will gain so much more confidence in your new skills.

Our training centre offers some oceantrips for the praktisch astronavigation and wheatherplanning. The ‘sights’ for an assessment must be taken independently by the exam candidate. The offshore sailing school "De Zeezeilers" will help you prepare for the independent Ocean examination that takes the form of an interview. The best is to do this after the exam. Look for the Oceantrips
Ps The trainer is an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean examiner so you can train the exam with him.

The Ocean oral examination fee is a separate fee and to be paid directly to the RYA on your exam application fee. The 2018 Ocean exam fee is 159.00 GBP.

Upon successful achievement of Yachtmaster Ocean status, and with your certificate commercially endorsed, you can work as a Master of commercial vessels of up to 200gt, subject to the MCA’s codes of practice, worldwide. The Yachtmaster Ocean certificate is also a pre-requisite for the MCA’s Chief Mate, Master 500 and Master 3000 qualifications.

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